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Add new movies every week!!
Trying to post movies that are different than all the lists but many of those are fantastic so I have added some of those to.

Fuel and Power

Ran Out of Oil

Electronic Armageddon  Documentary

Black Out Film  

The Trigger Effect  Film


12Monkeys Film

 Preppers UK 2 Full Uk Documentary

 Camp Fema: American Lockdown  Documentary

A World Without Water   Documentary


Circle of fury  Film

The Ma_rk Film

 The Defender Film 

Escape for the Bronx Film 

The-Recruit Film

WhiteHouse Down Film 

The Machanic Film  

Red Film

AprilRain Film

Law Abiding Citizen Film 

Escape Film  

In Time Film

Dredd Film

Raw Deal Film 

Death Sentence Film 

Judgment night Film

Signs Film 



  Monopoly Men: Federal Reserve Fraud   Documentary

 Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis   Documentary

 Chemicals and Nukes

 Chemical and Biological Agents  Documentary

 What in the World Are They Spraying? Documentary

 Prescription For Disaster  Documentary

 The World According to Monsant  Documentary

Toxic Skies Film 

Raiders of the Sun Film

The Crazies Film

Radioactive Dreams Film 

 On the Beach Film

End Game Film


 End of Days and disaster survival

Steel Frontier Film

Survivor -Post apocalyptic warriors Film

Slipstream Film 

Survival Zone Film

A Boy and His Dog Film 

The_Day  good Film

 Apocalypse man  Documentary

  End Day BBC    Docudrama

  How to Survive a Disaster?   Docudrama

 After Armageddon   Docudrama

 The Crisis of Civilization

Preventing Armageddon - NG Full  Documentary

The Lost Future Film 

 Stryker -1981- The Warrior of Tomorrow On The Highway to Hell Film

Dogma Film  


Escape From New York Film

The Barbarians Film

Last Flight Out Film

Desert Warrior Film

World Gone Wild Film 

The Coming 08 Film

 Natural Disaters

Rising Storm Film

Atomic Twister Film 

Hours Film 

Astroid Film

Super Comet: After The Impact   Docudrama 

Flood Film

 Perfect Disaster- Ice Storm  Docudrama 

 Mega-storm AftermatDocudrama 

 Nature Unleased Volcano 2005   Film

 Supervolcano    Docudrama

 MegaQuake Could Hit North America  Docudrama

 Aftershock   Film

Night Twisters  Film

Arctic Blast Film  (down for the moment)

Polar Storm  Film

The Great Los Angeles Earthquake 1990  Film

Heatwave  Film 

Without Warning Film

10.O Apocalypses Film

Storm of the Century Film 

Twenty years after Film  

 Cyclone Film 

Meteorites Film   

Night of the Comet  Film 

Take Shelter Film 

  Disaster Wars : Earthquake vs Tsunami Film 

Meteor 79 Film Click Here 

 Age of Ice Film

 The Curse Film


Pandemic Infectious diseases (Bacteria Viruses) Docudrama

Deadly Outbreak(1995) Film

 Vir us 0ut break  Film

Outbreak   1995 Film   

Cyberjacked Film

New Crime City Film 

 Flu Bird Horror Film

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